Being a New Fourth Grader

         I’m interviewing fourth graders from Mrs. Dodd’s to see what they think about being in an intermediate grade. The fourth graders I interviewed were Sam D., Karina M., and Olivia C. First I interviewed Sam D., I asked him how he likes fourth grade, he says he likes fourth grade but not the study hall or science he says,” It’s hard for me.” He says he’s learning about the different parts of the brain and in geography he’s learning about different parts of the world. He says his homework is easy though. Sam can’t wait to be in fifth grade next year. When I interviewed Karina M. she told me a lot about what they’re going to do this year. She told me that she’s excited to go on Balclutha and be away from home. She told me that her least favorite subject is science where there learning about the brain and continents. Karina’s favorite subject is math where they’re learning about rounding. What they’re going to learn about is California’s history like the gold rush. They’re going to do a balloon project where they cover the balloon in some blue paper and put the continents on it. She can’t wait till she is in fifth grade because she wants Mr. Maroldy. Now the last one I interviewed was Olivia C. She said that she’s excited to go on Balclutha and do her skit which is about the San Francisco earthquake. Math is her least favorite subject and can’t wait till she doesn’t have to do it. In lectures their learning about the brain and Missions. Olivia C. says that she got one study hall for doing the incorrect heading on a spelling test. She can wait for fifth grade because she thinks it will be harder.  4th grade chalkboard