Amazing week of school for joseph R.

The person interviewed was Joseph R.  I asked him how your first day of school was and was it different from what you had expected from 7th grader?  Joseph said “that it was good and it wasn’t different from what I expected because in 7th grade I had the exact same classes.”  I also asked him what were his least favorite things that he did on the first day of school and his favorite things on the first day of school. Joseph said “My favorite thing I did on the first day of school was going to Mr.Sirards class and Mr.Androlowicz class.”  His least favorite thing was doing the homework.   Next I asked him are you over whelmed to be an 8th grader? Joseph said no because this is what I expected from the start of 7th grade.  Do have any advice for future 8th graders?  Joseph said that to do your homework and be yourself.