First Day Blues :(

Eighth grader Sheldon H. told me about his first day as an eighth grader. When he woke up in the morning on September 3rd Sheldon tells me how he felt, “I feel nothing.” Sheldon H. said expressionless (MAYBE HE’S A CYBORG).  I then asked how he felt about the new history teacher and Assistant Principle, “I want Mr. Croft back.” Sheldon H. explained. He also likes the new Assistant Principle. Sheldon H.’s favorite teacher is who you might ask, “Maltby or Sirard. Because Maltby cares and Sirard is funny.” I then asked why he came to California from China. He said it was so he could learn English. When I asked him what his plans were for when he left Middle School. He said he doesn’t know yet. His goals for this year are to get good grades and get into a good High School. That was the story of Sheldon H.’s first day of school.