Citlali’s First week of school

                                  Interview with Citlali P.

 Citlali P. is an 8th grade student I interviewed. I asked Citlali about her first week of school. Citlali said “it was good, it was kind of different because I was used to having the same people last year.” I started asking citlali a lot more questions. I asked her “Did you make any new friends?” Citlali said that she made friends with two new 7th graders, Lilliana and I didn’t get the name for the other 7th grader. Citlali was very excited on the first day of school, she said it was so exciting cause she gets to see all of her friends, and she wasn’t nervous at all.  Also citlali said that it feels great to be in middle school. I also asked what her favorite subject is, she said her favorite subject is math. Also citlali said at her last year at LDV she is going to join the choir, since last year she was in speech debate so she’s going to try something different. Next question was “how does it take to do her homework?” Citlali said “between 30 minutes and an hour” I take two hours! In the end, I asked citlali if she enjoys being at LDV, and she said yes that she loves being at LDV and will make the best of it this year! Then, I moved on to the next question. I asked her “which class is fun to you?” citlali said “either Mr. Androlowicz or Mr. Sirard” I also asked her if she is A+ student? Citlali said not exactly, she gets a lot of A+’s, but last year she had a few A’s, B+’s, and maybe a C. but this year she going to get straight A’s to get into a good high school.