Breaking News With Liliana R.


Back to you Aleasha !!

Alright, on September 9th,2013  I interviewed national 7th grade school celebrity Liliana R. !! We chatted a little bit and got on  to talking about her first week of school .One great thing happened to Liliana R. on the first week of school . Liliana R. said “I made new friends and had fun!”. According to LIliana R. that’s the main reason why she liked her first week of school. So far Liliana’s favorite teacher is Mr. Sirard because he is nice ,cool ,and funny . But to this great first week there is one down point , and that is, according to Liliana R. , that she was very nervous and a little excited because it was her first week and she didn’t know anyone from Leonardo Da Vinci . But soon enough during her first week Liliana R. made three new friends .So finally we get down to our last question which was “Why do you like Leonardo Da Vinci based on what you experienced on your first week here?” Liliana R. said, and I quote “I like Leonardo Da Vinci so far because it’s really small and all the middle school classes are all by one another” So that’s all we have today with national 7th grade school celebrity Liliana R. !!

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