Anthony K.’s Worst Week of Being an 8th Grader

I was assigned to interview a middle school student at Leonardo da Vinci. I chose to interview Anthony K. His first week of school wasn’t fun. He wasn’t excited for any of his class and 8th grade whatsoever. Anthony K.’s first week of school was awful. He wasn’t expecting any homework this week, but he was expecting lots of homework throughout the year. I asked Anthony K, “How does it feel to be an 8th Grader this year?” Anthony K. said, “It feels no different.” He doesn’t really like the new Vice Principal, Mrs. Ballard, that much since she is in the middle school area most of the time while Mrs. Davis Is around the elementary and intermediate area. He wasn’t very excited on the first day of school; in fact, he didn’t want to go at all. He came to school and was happy to see his friend after a long summer vacation and not seeing his friends, but only on one day did he see his friends at Golfland Sunsplash for his friend, Ti’Ana L.’s party. He thought that the first week wasn’t going to be hard, and he was right. Being in 8th grade, he knows that there is more hard work and more homework this year. Anthony K. didn’t get any gate classes probably because of his low grades, although most of his friends like Aaron A. and Aidan Y. have gate classes like Gate U.S. History or GUS (The class came up with that nickname) and Gate Science. Anthony K. is trying to get at least a C+ and higher this year rather than a D or F like last year to at least get into a good high school. He also doesn’t want to miss out on the graduation ceremony and not have to stay behind at get his diploma here (it’s sort of boring getting your diploma in the auditorium).