Joshua .c is a student at the best school in the entire world ,LDV , a school where everybody has fun. Every student there has a positive attitude, all of the teachers rock. To me this is a 4.5 star school you know why, because nothing sucks there. Now back to Joshua, the first week of middle school to him was just like any regular day. The first week for him wasn’t difficult at all for him because he didn’t really get that much work or home work either. School is a little bit of both for Joshua , interesting ,but sometimes boring to him because sometimes he goes in the lab or on the computers, but sometimes he does lots of work. He really likes most of his classes, like for example exp wheel. For some reason to Joshua it felt only like two days of school. On the last day of vacation, he said , “I felt like I wasn’t looking to go back to school”, but I’m pretty sure he did want to go back because it’s fun. I asked him if any of the teachers were nice  ,in my opinion they’re awesome ,but he said, “the teachers aren’t too strict”. I asked him if he expected anything in the next few days and he said that he expects work and lots and lots of homework. I would of asked him if LDV is a good school , but I am pretty sure I know what he was going to say, “LDV is the best school I have ever been in since. Just know that everybody is always happy in LDV. Oh wait just one more thing, when you are going to go to a middle school , go to LDV like Joshua because he is a happy student.